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There are many technologies that must be used to manage a clinical research effort. BBK developed an industry game changer in TrialCentralNet® (TCN®) — a Patient Recruitment Management System introduced to the marketplace more than two decades ago.

Now updated with expanded functionality and capabilities, BBK is proud to release TCN® V7.5, the first-of-its-kind Patient Experience Management System — a secure and GDPR-compliant Web-based interface that provides the necessary modules to activate a host of services for enhancing the patient journey while supporting the study community. TCN® remains dedicated to institutionalizing best practices regarding recruitment, enrollment, and engagement for clinical trials.

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TCN® released into the marketplace.


TCN® mobile application made available in the App Store and Google Play.


App shell developed for customization and rapid deployment.



Expedited Referral Processing

Sites receive referrals from physicians through TCN® and the TCN® mobile app as a result of consumer outreach. The system monitors referral follow-up, and BBK provides sites with assistance if needed.

3rd Party Data Integration

A fully functioning system - with APIs to multiple data sources - that eliminates duplication of effort while capitalizing on data for the purpose of managing market science and enrollment success.

Robust Reporting

BBK’s innovative reporting not only allows for midcourse corrections but provides sponsors with direct access to ROI results.

Document Management Made Simple

With advanced version capabilities, Doc Manager ensures that the right country is associated with the right ethics committee, and that the corresponding site has access to final versions of documents in their language.

e-Binders and TCN® App Support

BBK has made sure that site staff can retrieve critical information from TCN®, whether at their desk, with a patient, and everywhere in between.

Ready.Set.Go.® (RSG®) Services

Requesting patient travel, managing payments and reimbursements, orchestrating e-consents, sharing study information with staff and patients - it’s all possible for site staff to do in TCN® using a desktop or mobile device.

My clinical study buddy app on phone


my clinical study buddy®

Our mobile app platform was introduced to the world of research and development so that clinical teams could benefit from the most current technology with regard to disseminating controlled information on a regular basis to patients and site staff — at a price clinical teams can afford. Our app platform is completely database driven. It derives its power from TCN®, and it can be customized at a moment’s notice.

Available in the App Store and Google Play, BBK used the app platform to create, among other innovations, My Clinical Study Buddy®. Within just days of ethic committee approval of content, patients can start to benefit from the study-specific information. Sponsors can customize the app to include the study logo and related colors.

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My clinical study buddy app on phone



Customizable page types.


Hours – we can configure an app for you in less than a day.


The number of clicks needed to access study information on-the-go.

What do you want your app to do today?

A closer look at what’s possible with BBK’s app platform.

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The use of mobile devices by health care professionals and educators has transformed many aspects of clinical and teaching practices. Mobile devices and apps provide many benefits, perhaps most significantly increased access to point-of-care tools which has been shown to support better clinical decision-making and improved patient outcomes.

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