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A Patient-Centric
Approach to Reimbursements

RSG® Card Patient Reimbursement Program

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Global Patient Reimbursement Made Easy

The RSG® Card accelerates the reimbursement process while enhancing patient and site satisfaction. Enabled with VISA® Smart Chip technology – the new global standard for credit card payments – patients benefit from added security features and wider acceptance. Sponsors and CROs enjoy rapid start-up, reducing operational complexities and costly delays while maximizing time in the field.

  • Reloadable Visa® Prepaid Card

    Reduce reimbursement delays and allow patients immediate access to funds

  • Accepted in +170 Countries

    Smart-chip enabled cards support multiple currencies and wider global acceptance

  • Zero-Liability Protection

    Protects cardholders against unauthorized purchases if the card is lost or stolen

  • Unmatched Convenience

    Use everywhere VISA® is accepted – including stores, online and ATMs

  • Automated Alerts

    Email or text alerts are designed to inform patients when new funds are available

  • Cardholder Support

    Multilingual cardholder services are available online or by phone

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To learn more about the RSG® Card patient reimbursement program or to discuss a specific project, please contact us.

How Does it Work?

Each site is supplied with instant-issue cards so that they can immediately provide a card to a patient at the first visit. Reimbursements can be added to the card throughout study participation. Patients receive reimbursements without delay, creating shared satisfaction for patients and sites alike. Patients can use the card to make purchases at locations throughout the globe.

How does the RSG Card Work?

Optimized to Greatly Reduce Site Administration

  • Simplified Reimbursement Process

    Eliminates the time consuming tasks of reviewing receipts, issuing checks or finding petty cash.

  • Accelerated Card Activation

    Requires less than two minutes to register a new patient and activate their instant-issue reimbursement card.

  • Easy to Use

    Sites are not burdened with operational complexities; program can be deployed with ease and efficiency with minimal training required.

Portal Screen

A Centralized Solution for Managing Patient Reimbursements

  • Rapid Program Start-Up

    No complicated set-up and minimal training required to administer, the RSG® Card program ensures seamless study-wide implementation.

  • Industry-Audited Network Security

    The secure network infrastructure protects study information and ensures reliable site-by-site access and reimbursing privileges.

  • Financial Transparency

    Each member of the study team can track compliance, usage rates, and the program's effect on retention using our dynamic reporting features.

RSG Card Patient Portal