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Specialized Travel Coordination for Clinical Study Participants

RSG® Arrive Global Patient Travel Assistance

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A Travel Program that Meets the Needs of Patients, Sites, and Sponsors

Designed specifically for clinical research, RSG® Arrive manages all travel-related logistics – operational and financial – for patients and site staff. From car and shuttle booking, to international flight and accommodation management, our specialized agents ensure that patients get to and from each study visit as simply and seamlessly as possible.

  • Ground Transportation

    Vetted, professional drivers ensure on-time arrival and assistance for all study visits

  • Air Travel

    Flights – both domestic and international – with support for special travel needs

  • Accommodations

    Hotel accommodations conveniently located near the patient's study site

  • Reimbursement Options

    Fully integrates with our patient reimbursement program for travel flexibility

  • Travel Itineraries

    Electronic and translated information with all travel details clearly provided

  • Preferred Rates

    Special and preferred rates for travel and hotel – providing added cost-savings

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To learn more about the RSG® Arrive patient travel assistance program or to discuss a specific project, please contact us.

We Go Beyond Traditional Travel Agencies

RSG® Arrive offers a high level of customized service to support the unique complexities of clinical trial participation. Designed to ease travel stresses – for both patients and sites – our support can extend to securing travel documentation, providing medical travel companions, arranging for interpreters, and much more. Sensitive to the needs of study participants and their families, RSG® Arrive is also designed to comply with sponsor-specific regulatory guidelines.

We Handle All the Details, So Your Sites Don't Have To

  • Travel Coordination

    Administrative burden is greatly reduced as site staff is only required to complete a single form to initiate the travel coordination process.

  • Itinerary Management

    Translated travel itineraries are approved by site staff to ensure accuracy, and shared electronically with patients to ensure a smooth travel experience.

  • Special Requests

    Travel or medical needs – specific to a particular condition or traveler – can be accommodated by our specialized team of travel experts.

Secure and Scalable
Engagement Solution

  • Enhanced Patient Travel Assistance

    Personal interpreter and travel companion to coordinate local travel logistics and provide translation services for visiting study participants.

  • Comprehensive Travel & Logistics

    From translated itineraries to 24/7 multilingual travel support, RSG® Arrive helps patients prepare for every study visit.

  • Mobile App Support

    Easy access to all patient travel services through the RSG® Arrive Personal Travel App.

Removing the element of travel coordination, planning and out-of-pocket payment means a lot for everyone involved – for families and sites. For families, removing financial-related stressors and handling all travel arrangements lifts unnecessary burdens and barriers to study participation. For sites, these programs remove administrative overhead to ensure that time is freed up for more important work such as patient care and study research progress.