Smart Chip Technology & Patient Reimbursement

The Impact of EMV and Smart Chip Technology on Global Patient Reimbursement for Clinical Trials

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October 1, 2015 marks an important deadline for anyone using or accepting credit cards in the United States, the world's single largest user of payment cards. A tipping point for credit card transactions, the "EMV Liability Shift" is fueling the country's replacement of magnetic stripe cards for more secure, globally accepted smart chip cards. Already the norm in more than 80 countries, with Europe leading the way, the global adoption of smart chip cards is expected to increase greatly over the next few years.

Are you prepared for this major shift? Will your patient reimbursement cards work or will your patients be left with cards they can't use?

Download this informative guide for a brief overview of smart chip technology, the scope of global adoption and how to utilize smart chip cards for better patient engagement and clinical trial performance.