Major Depressive Disorder

Project Brief

Of the 350 million people who suffer from Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) worldwide, many are not adequately treating their depression symptoms with their current SSRI treatment. A major pharma company designed a multinational study for the large subset of patients who are symptomatic despite their treatment. On-time study enrollment was critical for the success of the Sponsor’s high profile investigational drug – one that could potentially provide a large population of patients with the treatment they need for chronic, residual symptoms.

The Solution

The magnitude of the Sponsor’s study, and the nature of MDD and its effect on patients, set the backdrop for BBK’s recruitment efforts. Composed of four protocols and spanning 24 countries, the study required more than 6,700 patients screened over the course of two and a half years to meet enrollment goals. To achieve this, BBK was tasked with establishing operational consistency on a global scale while ensuring dynamic strategic outreach adaptation on a country and site level.

To reach the study enrollment goal, BBK needed to:

  • Distinguish the potential benefits of the investigational drug from patients’ current SSRI treatments, focusing not on the potential treatment of MDD itself, but its residual symptoms
  • Effectively motivate patients suffering from lingering MDD symptoms to commit to the study using breakthrough creative assets for TV, print, radio, and online mediums
  • Adapt our outreach materials to resonate with physician, site staff, and patient populations across 24 countries
  • Develop customized outreach strategies based on extensive cultural research and site collaboration
  • Closely monitor site performance and perform analysis to maximize the effectiveness of our outreach strategy on a global, country-specific and site level

Through our experience in managing key stakeholder relationships among top pharma companies and healthcare organizations, and developing data-driven, adaptive engagement strategies, BBK positioned the study to meet its screening and enrollment goals.

The Result

The expedient, informed development and placement of media and advertising was essential to the success of this study. Our creative assets were carefully crafted so they could be easily adapted and deployed to best service our diverse site localities. We generated meaningful and extensive research through our deep analysis of the cultural landscapes across 24 countries, and with this research, we adapted our outreach strategies as a whole to resonate with each country’s MDD population. Our ongoing analysis of strategic and tactical performance enabled us to define and implement the strongest and most cost effective strategies across all channels. BBK’s mixed-tactic marketing campaign generated 25,719 pre-qualified referrals for the study globally. Our high-volume referral generation and robust advertising support resulted in a 50 percent increase in global screening rates, saving the study a cumulative 60 days.

Major Depressive Disorder
Major Depressive Disorder
Major Depressive Disorder
Major Depressive Disorder

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